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Privacy & Secure Sharing


Making Your Wishes Known, LLC. (MYWK) is committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. We will never share your personal information with anyone without your permission, and all information you enter into this computer program is encrypted and stored on a secure server. No one will be given access to the information without a username and password. You control what you share and whom you share it with.

Our policies regarding privacy and confidentiality:

  • MYWK collects, retains, and transmits the information and documents provided to it by users for the purpose of creating an advance directive document. This information is password protected and encrypted, and will only be shared with those who have the proper username and password.
  • MYWK will provide a pdf file (upon request to registrants with the correct username and password) containing identifying information and an exact copy of the advance directive document created.
  • MYWK does not share registrant information with outside parties without the express permission of the registrant.
  • MYWK does not sell or share registrant information to outside parties.
  • MYWK voluntarily complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
  • For the purposes of better understanding people's interests/needs, and making improvements to our advance care planning tool, MYWK does keep track of people's use of the MYWK program. But this information is de-identified and tracked only in aggregate - meaning that these data are for users as a whole, and are NOT linked to any specific individual.
  • Because our advance care planning tool is evidence-based (see Our Research), we review, analyze, and publish data about its use and efficacy. These data are always de-identified (meaning that they are not linked to any specific person), and our research team steadfastly adheres to accepted guidelines for examining and publishing data about use of the MYWK program.

Our Pledge to You

  • We are here to help and serve you. The MYWK program was created as a service to help you with advance care planning and in creating an advance directive document. As such, the purpose of the MYWK program is to help you reflect on your values and priorities; clarify your medical wishes; discuss your wishes with family, friends, and physicians; and be able to store and share your advance directive documents securely.
  • We let you decide. We believe in empowering our users and giving you choice. You will be in complete control of what you share and with whom you share it.
  • We are safe and secure. We take privacy, safety, and security seriously and will maintain these at the highest level.
  • Your Identity is Not For Sale. We will not share any of your Personally Identifiable Information with any outside parties.

Tips for Sharing While Staying Secure

  • Always keep your password private
  • Do not share your password with others
  • Do not reveal Personally Identifiable Information to other users of MYWK
  • Do not leave an active MYWK session unattended

If you have questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or practices, please contact us by email at